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The Avalon Lords Team Grows!

Greetings all,
Today we have an extremely exciting announcement to share!
We are very pleased to officially welcome The Alliance Games team to Animus Interactive. Much like us, they are an indie team who are passionate about game design. 

David Wu will be joining Animus Interactive as Chief Technology Officer, and Jennifer Ketzl Brame will be joining the team as Chief Operations Officer. David has been developing games for 20 years and has served as both Chief Technology Officer and Chief Executive Officer, shipping a broad range of titles including Halo 4, Full Auto and Spartan Assault. Ten other professional developers are lending their talents to the Animus Interactive project with skills ranging the genres from mobile game development to enterprise systems spanning every platform.

They will be merging with us to help with the development of our upcoming MMORTS Avalon Lords, and in turn we will be working on their title, Resurgent Empires, after Avalon Lords launches.
The Alliance Games was founded by David Wu and Jennifer Kleiman to create games by gamers, for gamers. They bring with them an amazing group of talented team members who we look forward to working with to create high quality games.
Avalon Lords will be launching as a cross-platform buy-to-play title available for Linux, Mac and PC.

You can find out more about Resurgent Empires and The Alliance Games here.