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Thank you for your support on our Kickstarter. We will be back shortly with new content!

Please keep checking back for updates on the game and you are still more than welcome to donate or buy us a coffee through paypal. 


Crowdfunding FAQ

What Do We Need?

We need about 3 more months of salary for our coding and art teams to finish a minimal feature-set to produce a playable alpha. We’ve got to pay for hosting and software licenses too. We’ve got 5 full-time and 6 part-time developers, 7 artists and musicians and 5 other writers, marketing and community management folks, all passionate and devoted. Only a few of us are drawing salaries, the rest of us are devoting our spare time while working dayjobs. We’re running lean and tight, but we need your support.

The playable alpha will be an MMO with beautiful AAA-quality graphics, massive army combat, slick UI and support for group chat, Empire chat and in-game mail. It will include a few different units, but no city-building initially. It will include AI, but not the ability to customize your own. It will include Empires but not the really cool social features or endgame scenarios we’ve planned for. The map will be smaller than the map of our dreams, but big enough for some fun.

The complete world of Avalon will include so much more than just the mini-game alpha! We have many stretch goals. If we only make the Kickstarter goal and no more, we’ll finish a neat but small sandbox city-builder with Probably Slightly Less Boring Than Working army RTS fighting. Then we’ll seek additional funding to complete the full game from private investors or publishers. We’d love to retain creative control of the game, however. If we meet our stretch goals, we’ll finish the whole thing with community input and self-publish.

MMOs are truly massive. Most indie devs don’t have the resources to make an MMO a reality. They require a great knowledge of networking, a lot of skill with game design, a lot of art and animation and a solid support staff. Creating a virtual world is the closest most of us will ever come to playing God! That is a huge amount of fun, but also a large amount of challenging, highly technical work.

We are up to the challenge and passionate, driven to make our vision into reality. Members of our core team who can afford to do so have been funding the project with our own money, paying other team members who can’t afford to miss a paycheck. Friends are backing us financially too, but it really is a huge project. We have been working hard to get the game’s combat system working and polished, so we can really show off where the game is headed. We are all proud to have gotten here.

Your pledge will help us cover immediate costs for our full-time team members and necessary server expenses. Every little bit counts!

We need your friends’ support too! Mass support on Kickstarter will give us great leverage with potential investors and banks. We’ll be able to take out business loans to finish making the world of Avalon.

How will the funding be used?

If we meet our goal of raising $150,000, we will pay our artists, developers and server costs to continue work on Avalon Lords and produce a playable alpha.  We will then secure funding to implement the full feature-set from private investors and publishers.  Or better yet, we’ll meet all our stretch goals and not need any extra funding!

What other ways can I get involved?

We understand that not everyone can contribute pledges, but everyone can still help us out. Please let your friends know about Avalon Lords and the Kickstarter campaign!

If you have any questions about the game, the Kickstarter campaign, our studio or just want to give us feedback, please speak up.

Gameplay FAQ

Is Avalon Lords an MMO?

Yes! Each Avalon Lords world will be a persistent server with a competitive endgame competition. Once the competition is won, we’ll leave the server up so groups can win second and third place, possibly more. When competition has died down and most of that worlds’ accounts are inactive, we’ll shut down that world. New worlds will open up frequently, so there will be fresh starts and new world to conquer.

Will I be able to play Avalon Lords on my phone?

As our two final stretch goals, first we’ll develop a limited-functionality mobile client that lets you keep an eye on your Kingdom, communicate and perform some in-game actions. For our final stretch goal we’ll make a mobile app that gives you full functionality on your iOS or Android tablet or phone.

What platforms will Avalon Lords be supported on?
Avalon Lords will be available for PC, Mac and Linux.  We have no plans to develop console versions at this time.
Will Avalon Lords only be in English?
We have many fans in Europe and South America as well as English-speaking countries, so we plan on adding support for multiple languages after launch.
What will the gameplay be like?
That depends largely on the player. For players that are interested in fighting, they’ll send armies to warfronts and engage in fast-paced RTS battles.  Armies will take time to travel, so there will be plenty of down-time to focus on city-building, road-making, setting up defenses, monitoring borders, setting up trades, researching and exploring new territory.  There’ll be a lot to do.  You’ll be able to set up to 3 other people as co-players, so one person could focus on fighting, another on building, another on trading or logistics. 
What happens when I log off?
The AI will manage your defenses.  If your cities are attacked, it will run defense.  If you have companies on missions, they will continue their missions.  If you belong to an Empire, your Empire will be alerted if enemies are sighted by your troops.  You will also get an 8-hour defense bonus on your cities that kicks in 2 hours after you log off and has a 12-hour cooldown. You can also designate up to 3 other players as co-players, who can log into your kingdom and manage things. 
What are the system requirements going to be for Avalon Lords?

Minimum for PC (subject to change)
CPU Speed: 2.4 GHz (dual core)
OS: Windows XP
Video Card: Graphics card with DirectX 9 level (shader model 2.0) capabilities. Any card made since 2004 should work
Sound Card: Yes
Free Disk Space: 4 GB

Recommended for PC
CPU Speed: 3 GHz (quad core)
OS: Windows 8
Video Card: DirectX 11 card
Sound Card: Yes
Free Disk Space: 4 GB

Extensive testing on Mac, Linux and mobile platforms hasn’t been performed yet.  Write us if you have specific questions!